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Beyond The Business - Increase Real Visitors to Website
Monday, 24 January 2022
The Difference Between Increasing Sales On Social Networks
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Aside from government jobs where monthly and direct revenue is credited to their accounts, most businesses need to sell the product or service (such as an appliance repair) that they offer.

I will explain with a better exampleSuppose you run a business or work in it, in order for customers to find you and be able to enter the sales phase and reach the desired revenue, you must introduce yourself through advertising and consumers. Ask them to choose you and become your buyer.

Now in this article we are going to introduce you to the ways in which you can promote yourself and ultimately increase sales with real website visitors. At the end of this article, you will find the best way to increase sales for the business in which you are engaged, with the information you have obtained from various media advertisements.


What is the relationship between advertising and sales?

Sales and advertising are both subsets of marketing, which includes providing the necessary conditions to deliver the product to the consumerMany small businesses first implement advertising to support sales operations.

Advertising is to inform consumers and customers about the company's products and servicesSmall companies may use more advertising or ignore the ads and go straight to sales, which largely depends on the nature of the business.

Given the above description, we want to introduce all possible methods of advertising in various traditional media and the Internet.

Advertising through traditional media

To put it simply, traditional media is the media we remember and live with from birthLike television, radio, newspapers and magazines and the likeOf course, some put them in categories such as visual, auditory and written, which again means what we mean.

Traditional media usually affect a lot of people and are often free, which is why it is simple and inexpensive for young and oldOf course, it remains to be seen what share each of these media outlets has contributed to the increase in business sales, and whether this share will continue.


Television creates and broadcasts various programs for entertainment and education of the peopleBecause of the charm of the image, the sound, the movement and everything that is felt in it, television has become an influential member of various familiesOf course, this level of influence has fluctuated in different years, but it has not diminished its importance.

Television earns its income from advertising various businesses in order to have some kind of hand in its own pocket and to reduce its dependence on the government budget as much as possible.

The actual impact of a TV commercial depends on the type of product being advertisedSome product categories are naturally more interesting and engaging than other products.

More important than that is the creativity of the message itselfPeople who specialize in TV commercials should produce ads that are seen among the crowded TV commercials and attract attention and also have a unique role in increasing sales.


Some of the benefits of TV commercials are:

High impactDue to the multi-sensory appeal that television has, it can open the hand of the creator of advertisements to perform art and attract the audienceIn fact, this shows the high potential of this mediumCreative directors can use dialogue, sound, movement, scenery, lighting, etc. to deliver compelling messages and stories.

High audienceThe possibility of reaching the local, regional or country target community that remote and less privileged areas consider a media blessing.

Direct salesYou can also use direct sales advertising by providing the communication route and contact number in the ad, product and service directly to the consumer.

Variety of TV channelsImagine that a commercial about sports goods is going to be broadcast on TVIn this case, you do not have to pay for advertising on all TV channels, which have more than 20 channelsYou can only pay for advertising on channels such as Channel 3 and Sports and show the ad to sports-loving audiences.

Disadvantages of TV commercials are:

High cost of TV commercialsThe main drawback of TV is its high costThe cost of producing and broadcasting TV commercials for many small businesses is beyond their budgetThe cost of producing and broadcasting advertisements on television is from several tens of millions to several billion tomans.

Also, the cost of showing advertisements on TV varies according to each month and each season, and a certain amount is added to the initial figureEspecially in the months when there are special occasions such as February and March when people are preparing to buy the New Year, this tariff increase is more than other months.

Ad TransientThe timing of a TV commercial usually varies from 15 to 60 seconds, and this message is fleeting regardless of the length of the adOf course, ads that are in the form of a report on the process of manufacturing and production of the product need about 120 seconds.

In general, you should achieve an effective and convincing relationship with the audience in a short period of time.

The crowdedness and large number of ads and the short airtime of each make the ad cannot create the necessary awareness in the audienceTherefore, a lot of repetition should be considered for advertising, which also leads to increased costsIn contrast, the print media is static, and their message is enduring.


In TV commercials, audio and video are displayed, but in radio, the sound must have an effect that the listener can imagine the product.

Deputy Press Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, spoke at the opening ceremony of the Third National Conference on "Communication, Marketing and Branding" about the importance of radio in advertising and presented statistics showing that 75% of consumers hear radio advertising. They imagine themselves.

Radio advertising may not be as controversial as it should be, but it very delicately introduces, promotes, and sells products in the listener's mind.

Before devoting your budget to radio, you should carefully consider its pros and cons.

The benefits of radio advertising are:

Reasonable price: To impress the radio audience, they usually buy a package that runs for at least a monthThese packages are less expensive than TVs and are affordable for ordering companies.

Wide access and targeting of the audience: It are possible to plan at what hours of the day and night the advertisement will be broadcast so that the intended listeners will hear the advertisementLikewise, radio is the best medium for companies that are looking for a wide audience and a diverse statistical community and can reach a large audience.

Before paying, you can refer to a statistic that reports the average listener per hour based on audience classificationThis data allows you to choose the right market for your message.

Intangible advertising: Radio advertising has a lot of flexibilityIt is not necessary that the voice be heard before the start of the advertisement and the listener notices that the messages are advertisedIt can be advertised in a way that imperceptibly impresses the listener.

It's the sound that stays: The format and genre of the music greatly influences the different people who listen to the radio channelsThe sound is so effective that when the TV commercial is properly made, the song and its dialogues are repeated in the audience's mind and become a signature for that brand.

Disadvantages of radio advertising are:

Lack of attention: One of the main drawbacks of radio advertising is that it is listened to by people who are often engaged in other activities such as driving or houseworkSo, as much as a person may not pay attention to the ads in other media, the same is true for radio ads.

Changing the radio station: The radio may also be on the conveyor, and as the car moves, its radio station may change so that the recipient will not be able to hear your ad.


Lack of visual appeal: While television has a multi-sensory appeal, radio can only impress the audience through soundThere is no image that can be used to play with the audience and entertain them visuallyCopywriters need to show a lot of talent and creativity in order to gradually understand the message of the ad to the listener and attract him.

Print media

Print media such as newspapers, magazines, tracts, catalogs, deadlines or notebooks, books, tickets and bus or train timetables, special publications about special programs for schools, universities, local authorities, companies or governments, and .... are.

Local manufacturers, professionals, retailers and retailers are increasingly using this medium to promote their productsThese media sets are relatively cheaperSome of these tools, such as maturity, have a long life and are used by many people.

Of course, newspapers and magazines have a long history of advertising and were unique in the years before television.

Newspapers are a popular medium for contacting and informing a large audience and customersNewspapers may be printed in the morning or eveningThey may be in Azeri, Arabic, Persian or other common languages ​​of the regionMay be daily or weeklyThey may be local, regional, or national, or they may have a regular or special edition.

The advertising company must pay attention to the circulation, language, region to be informed, price, credibility and print quality while choosing a suitable newspaperThe advertising company can also use multi-page advertisements.

The magazine is published for the purpose of entertaining customers, rather than for informationOf course, different magazines can be used according to the target audience, which are classified based on age, gender, profession, industry, entertainment, etc.

In general, based on the characteristics of current and potential customers, appropriate types of print media should be used to spread the advertising message.

Benefits of print media advertising:

  • The newspaper is good for mass communication and thousands of people can be addressed at the same time.
  • The necessary changes can be easily and cheaply applied in advertisements and published regularly.
  • Advertisers can take advantage of newspaper credibility.
  • It is generally suitable for advertising a variety of products.
  • By providing sufficient information, it reduces the duties of sellers and agencies.
  • The print media is more flexible and can be well-tailored to the target audienceSo that the advertising company can choose in what schedule, in what language, in what region and with what color combination to print and publish the ad.
  • A simple and inexpensive medium for the advertising company to reach readers and consumers.

Disadvantages of print media 

  • Newspapers have a shorter lifespan than magazines, which means they do not have a long-term effect.
  • The promotional message may not be read and may be ignored.
  • The quality of the paper and print may reduce the value of the advertisements published in it.
  • The print media(Buy social Traffic) is known as a common advertising tool and is not as impressive as television.
  • When the audience is limited, it is expensive and not cost effective to use.
  • Illiterate customers cannot read it.
  • Usually, customers have to buy itIf free TV and radio are available to the public.

Environmental advertising

Environmental advertising is known as outdoor advertising and outside of home media, such as billboards, posters, wall advertising, transit advertising (such as bus, train, subway and taxi advertising) as well as airport advertising, cinema advertising, the environment Sports (such as football ads), shops and ...

Environmental ads can be designed and published as a still image or digitally.

Environmental advertising causes a close relationship in the audience's living environment and with positive interaction can be very effective in branding.

Benefits of environmental advertising:

  • One of the biggest benefits of environmental advertising is that consumers are out and about for recreational or business activities outside the home, giving them the opportunity to look at advertising in the environmentEspecially if they are marketing and see ads with attractive discounts, it will cause an instant reaction and increase sales.
  • Embedded in places that are closer to the target audience of the ad and many consumers come and go from there daily.
  • According to statistics, about 70% of our waking hours are spent outside the homePeople are moving and there is an opportunity for advertising to get in their way.
  • Environmental advertising in exhibitions is very effective in strengthening B2B strategy .
  • For guerrilla marketing, environmental advertising comes first.
  • Environmental advertising acts as a complement to other advertising media such as television, radio, etc. Increases sales.

Disadvantages of environmental advertising:

  • Some environmental advertising is very expensive.
  • Because they are exposed to the sun, wind and rain, they may be damaged and damaged.
  • Its contents may not be readable or viewableBecause some of them are at distances that are not visible to the visually impaired.
  • According to research, environmental advertising has less than 5 seconds to attract the audience.


Internet advertising

The Internet is growing rapidly and is attracting new audiences faster than other mediaDue to the lifestyle of the new century and the richness of the Internet in the lives of the general public, various businesses have advertised and introduced themselves through this pervasive medium.

Internet advertising, because it can have the advantages of traditional media as a whole, such as sound, image, motion, cheapness, availability, etc., quickly outperforms its competitors. It has a large share of the advertising industry. Is.

There are different types of advertisements on the Internet, each of which we will introduce in the following.


Google ads

You know Google, which is our search engine for all unanswered questions and ninety minute solutionsBut Google, which not only answers our questions, but also rolls up its sleeves for the growth of businesses and comes to the middle of the advertising field and tries to sell more businesses.

Google uses two general methods for advertising businesses, and we will introduce these two methods to you.

The first method is the Google organic Search website visitors Network. The Google search network includes the Google search Google Maps, Google Play, and any subset of Google where a phrase can be searchedCan you see the Google ads marked with an A?

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Updated: Monday, 24 January 2022 4:57 PM EST

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