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Beyond The Business - Increase Real Visitors to Website
Monday, 24 January 2022
Social Media Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Learn More: Social Media Trends Marketers Should Know About in 2022


Instagram is one of the most prominent e-commerce social media. In fact, according to Facebook statistics, 70% of consumers go to Instagram to find the product they are looking for. Also, according to business.instagram.com, approximately 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business page. 




Yet Facebook remains a leading option for leading social businesses. According to about, in 2020 Facebook added virtual stores to its range of shopping tools, including Facebook Marketplace and the ads could be bought. Facebook stores allow users to create a single online store where they can purchase the product both through Facebook and Instagram. Other social networks are expected to enter the field in the future. For example, at the end of 2019, TikTok began testing product links.

As the social business space expands, so do the media platforms, which seek to adapt features that make shopping easier and more enjoyable for users. For example, Instagram now has an Instagram Checkout option that allows users to purchase from that platform without having to visit a third-party site. Social media is also likely to introduce features for easier dialogue marketing. For example, according to HubSpot data , with the help of Facebook Messenger, more than 2 billion messages per month can be exchanged between the consumer and the seller. Facebook stores allow consumers to contact businesses instantly via instant messaging, WhatsApp, or Instagram, and to shop directly through these chats.
With all that said, there are still no restrictions on launching new social networks every year. Clubhouse, for example, is a voice chat-based social network that was launched in 2020, exactly at the height of the Corona epidemic, and gained widespread user attention. Despite the success of some new platforms such as Clubhouse, it is still expected in the years Future The 5 social networks mentioned above will continue to dominate the market.

Extension Pay more attention to shorter contents

Yes, people spend more time on social media; But they spend less time interacting with individual posts. Muckrake studies show that the average person paying attention to posts and content is 8 seconds on average, down from 12 seconds 20 years ago.

According to influencer marketing hub, People who access social media content through their computers are more likely to spend time on each content than users on mobile devices. For example, people who access Facebook from their computer average 2.5 Seconds for a piece of content, while those who accessed Facebook through their phones spent 1.7 seconds on the same content. Transient like Stories, they are adapting to this situation.
In late 2020, Twitter introduced the Fleets feature; Similar feature to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Fleets allows users to send messages and short videos that disappear after 24 hours. Although Fleets has only been around for a few months; But initial feedback from business2community shows that it has increased user engagement. The search for the new Stories features on LinkedIn is also increasing. Read this article

More Augmented Reality
The Augmented Reality market is still in its infancy; But it is expected to accelerate in the coming years. In fact, Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, approximately 48% of consumers will use some form of AR. AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are expected to become mainstream social media as cellular networks become stronger and faster.
 Exchange predicts that the AR market will generate $ 70 billion to $ 75 billion in annual revenue by 2023. Of course, social networks have entered this trend earlier. In fact, with a little care you will notice that are Included in Instagram filters since 2017. In 2019, Instagram even increased AR , allowing users to create their own filters. Usage statistics show that filters can quadruple video interaction times. According to data published by Rubi marketing , user interaction with filters is approximately 75 seconds; This has led many brands to create their own filters to increase interaction with their users.

Social media platforms and businesses will surely find other ways to use AR on their platforms, and the number of AR -enabled applications will increase in the coming years. Many of them will probably be dedicated to discovering and actually testing new products. The popular Pokemon Go game, which has been downloaded more than a billion times, is probably just getting started. Facebook is also set to launch its glasses this year; Aimed at allowing people to easily record their memories without having to use their phone.

Facebook is still at the top

According to Statista, Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform in the world, followed by YouTube. Instagram and TikTok are the fifth and seventh most popular platforms in the world. So, it must be said that despite some negative press coverage, Facebook traffic growth is not slowing down.

Increasing use of user-generated content

By early 2022, we will see businesses increasingly incorporating User Generated Content or UGC " User Generated Content " into their social media marketing strategies.

According to m2onhold, brands that use UGC have a 20% increase in returning visitors and a 90% increase in consumer time on their websites. There are several UGC benefits for businesses; Among other things, it is cheaper than traditional advertising, more relevant, and can help brands appear more credible and more socially aware.

Originality is very important for consumers. According to stickle data, almost 90% of consumers believe that authenticity plays a role in their purchasing decisions; That's up from 86 percent in 2017. According to stickle, consumers believe that UGC is 2.4 times more credible than the traditional brand. About 92 percent of consumers also report that they trust the UGC more than any other marketing content.

UGC is thriving on Facebook and Instagram and may include other social media platforms in the near future. Due to the use of Facebook and Instagram by UGC, approximately 78% of marketing companies consider these two social networks as effective marketing tools.

Effective micro-marketing
For the past year or two, many users have been attracted to traditional, influential marketing that has dominated social media for a significant amount of time; But for now, small influencers are helping businesses grow so much that you need to incorporate your brand marketing into your 2022 strategy.
Small influencers are different from large influencers who have more followers. The main feature of such social media influencers is the high level of interaction with their users. Most small influencers have special followers, which makes them much more attractive to work with in the right jobs. We anticipate that these small influencers will receive more and more attention in the near future; Because agencies trust them in relation to popular brands and customers and drive their growth, while this number in 2019 was only 12%. Young people are significantly more likely to shop on social media; Approximately 37% of 15- to 22-year-old shoppers used the "Buy social traffic" button on social media and purchased 30 products or products from social media stories.



Artificial intelligence

We all see that social media marketing is growing rapidly. Artificial intelligence allows users to optimize their marketing and get the results they want. Also, with the help of artificial intelligence, it is very easy to obtain accurate analysis of search patterns and customer behavior. In addition, artificial intelligence can make connections between datasets that seem very complex or time consuming to humans. Artificial intelligence currently operates in areas such as:

  • Customizable email marketing.
  • Keyword research.
  • Content optimization and user engagement.
  • E-commerce transactions.
  • Product recommendations.

Various AI-enabled tools can provide useful insights into your brand's content, profiles and audiences, and boost brands on social media. Equipped with artificial intelligence, social media can help businesses measure and improve brand equity and better understand the target audience by identifying consumer behavior. Artificial intelligence also helps businesses determine what content to submit to maximize impact. AI-enabled social media tools can scan your content and then advise you on what to post when and where.

Agile Marketing On Social Media

Agile marketing is a tactical marketing that uses data and analysis to support solutions to problems and opportunities using tests, evaluation of results, and rapid change. The advantage of this tactic is that it can execute multiple campaign ideas from time to time. Agile marketing also offers many benefits to businesses by integrating content marketing and social media sharing. It would not be an exaggeration to say that agile marketing is the most appealing phrase in digital marketing terms.
Some elements used in agile marketing:

  • Reviews.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Games.
  • Tests.
  • Interactive movies.
  • polls.
  • Competitions.

Audio and video search

Search engines are planning to better search audio and video and expand their capabilities by 2022. In the near future, users will be able to receive product information just by uploading an image. Voice search will also make a big difference in social media marketing. Just as search engines receive signals from social media, if your content is displayed in audio or video search, it will be just as useful to you as other search engine marketing techniques.

As a brand owner, you need to make sure that your content is suitable for voice search so that search engines can receive simple signals from your content and deliver the right results to your potential customers. Voice search is becoming more and more popular. As a result, marketers need to optimize the content of their product pages to attract a large number of users who are very interested in voice search.

Among the audio and video features discussed in the future in the digital world are the following:

  • Full voice control on social networks such as Instagram and FacebookIn fact, with voice search, we will be able to do everything from listening to text messages and responding to text messages over audio or video.
  • Another useful element of voice search in the future is its use in advertisingBrands, bloggers and influencers can create an audio advertising campaign or add their own voice to support a campaign.
  • Another exciting feature of Voice Assistant in the future may be the connection of all your innovative technologies to each other using voiceThat means you can access your social media accounts via voice search on smart devices like Apple Watch or via headphones.

Data protection and security

A new beginning awaits humanity, because data protection has become an important issue for any job. With the advent of the GDPR or "Public Data Protection Regulations" into the business world, data collection challenges can affect your organization. The protection of personal data will be very important in 2022. It should also be noted that Google has announced that it will eliminate tracking cookies altogether by the end of 2023.

Increasing Social Sales
Almost everyone uses social media everywhere. This is a turning point for businesses. No wonder why most successful resellers rely on these platforms for their strategies. By using social media in your business, you can say goodbye to cold, fruitless random calls and failed cookie processes.

It also allows you to use different social insights and online intelligence so that you can know the general interests and tastes of your audience before you even interact with them. In addition, you can create two-way communication between sales representatives and consumers through social media.

According to some studies, many businesses use social sales to develop milestones, accounting research, and prepare themselves for customer contact. In addition, as modern shoppers are now more aware than ever, the traditional sales pitch is being phased out. This is not just about sales today; It is also very important to build a relationship.

To get started, you need to use your sales tools along with the features of social media management software. This will allow you to tailor your sales flow to your social media efforts. It will also be much easier to collect data about potential customers as well as use them when needed.


Reddit separation system

Ten years ago, the Craigslist classified site was basically broken down into dozens of separate vertical sections. There are dozens of other large companies with this system, the most important of which are Airbnb, TargetedWebTraffic and Zillow. Discord, a social media platform now valued at $3.5 billion, created Reddit 's first major piece, " Slack for Gaming." By expanding on it, it expanded its system. In this way, it added a standard esports voice chat tool that gamers needed to its network, and thus its brand resonated with that particular community.

that the popularity of this social network is decreasing day by day; But on the other hand, due to the popularity of the "photo" content format among users, the use of Instagram, especially in the field of business in the USA, is increasing rapidly.


Social media usage is expected to remain on the rise for the next 2 to 3 years. Also, social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat will not go anywhere despite the growing competition. New features such as short videos and AR give users the reassurance that they are going to Connect to these social media platforms for a longer period of time. In addition, it is expected

Posted by biznewideas@gmail.com at 6:16 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 24 January 2022 6:22 PM EST

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